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Huaxi Chemical technology CO.,LTD                 http://www.huaxigas.com 

Sichuan tongsheng technology CO.,LTD          http://www.sctskj.com 

Sichuan kaiyuan technology CO.,LTD               http://www.kykj.cn 

Sypuruishing technology CO.,LTD                     http://www.sepmem.com

In order to meet the demmand of the market, the scale of our company has been further developed and many companies made PSA equipments are seeking the win-win cooperation with us. For example : Huaxi ,Xinhua, Tongsheng, Kaiyuan, Saipuruixing ,ect in Sichuan province as well as some companies in Shanghai and Beijing seeking better quality which produce decarburizing equipment.

"Dayang" Brand PSA special-purpose silica gel has already spread widely at home and abroad . "Dayang People" has received favorable comments from every customer because of its own sincerity and honesty.

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